Fitting Contrast Transfer Function


Automated Fitting of Constrast Transfer Function Parameters


Wen Jiang @ Baylor College of Medicine
Chao Yang @ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Yang C, Jiang W, Chen D-H, Adiga U, Ng EG, Chiu W.
Estimating contrast transfer function and associated parameters by constrained non-linear optimization.
Journal of Microscopy (2009) vol. 233 (3) pp. 391-403.


1. Fit structural factors by simutaneous fitting of multiple micrographs
2. Fit astigmatism and drift
3. Automated batch mode fitting, no need of initial seeding
4. Fast (seconds)
5. Robust. Defocus and background are VERY reliable
6. Compatible with GUI program ctfit program in EMAN
7. Cross platform: Linux, Windows and any platform that EMAN and Matlab run