Welcome to NCMI Public Data Server

This database stores (or will store) the raw data and experimental records related to our various published structures. We firmly believe that transparency is critical to scientific advancement, and when possible such data should be available to anyone for development or testing purposes. We ask only that you contact us prior to using any of this data in a new publication (wah@bcm.edu or sludtke@bcm.edu).

The web pages you are currently viewing is the main interface for the EMEN2 (Electron Microscopy Electronic Notebook) database that we develop and use internally to store records of all experiments in the NCMI. This server is not our main database, of course, but simply a clone of the portion of the data which has been released to the public. The interface should be fairly simple to learn, but if you'd like a quick tutorial, just go to:

Currently, data for the following projects is available. We will be adding more over the coming months: