National Center for Macromolecular Imaging


EMAN 2.02 - released on 05/02/11
This is a bug fix version of EMAN 2.01.

The EMAN2 binary and source downloads also include SPARX !

Please follow the installation instructions at:

EMAN2 includes many enhancements and new features, in addition to being a stable official release.

It includes:
- Complete graphical workflow interface for single particle reconstruction and other tasks.
- Qt/OpenGL user interface for 2d & 3d display.
- Refinements ~5 - 20x faster than EMAN1 possible.
- Over 200 modular image processing algorithms.
- Flexible infrastructure allows you to control virtually every aspect of the reconstruction process.
- Support for all known cryoEM file formats.
- Project system which organizes data and records all reconstruction info.
- First version of revamped single particle tomography, including a nice tomographic particle picking tool
- First version of support for using EMAN2 to seed Frealign refinements, and reincorporate the results.
- First version of a tool for random conical tilt reconstructions (though this lacks a GUI at present)
- Supports parallel processing via 3 different mechanisms: multiple threads on a single computer, flexible distributed model and MPI for use on shared supercomputers.
- Improved CTF correction, which can handle CTF fully automatically on ~95 % of images.
- Many other improvements, both subtle and profound :-)

Windows users - Please note that while we do our best to periodically test the windows release to make sure it's still functioning, it is far less well-tested than the linux/Mac releases. Please report any problems you encounter.

Mac users, we do not support 10.5 since there are a number of issues with OS provided dependencies not working as they should.


Linux (x86)
eman-linux-x86-gcc4-2.02.tar.bz2 76.3 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
eman-linux-x86-2.02.tar.bz2 74.0 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
Linux (x86_64)
eman-linux-x86_64-gcc4-2.02.tar.bz2 77.0 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
eman-linux-x86_64-2.02.tar.bz2 75.3 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
Mac OS X 10.6
eman2-snowleopard-2.02.dmg 60.0 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
eman-source-2.02.tar.gz 12.6 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11
eman2-win32-installer-2.02.exe 126 MB EMAN 2.02 05/02/11