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Welcome to the Wensel laboratory. Our research includes the following areas:
Visual transduction Gene repair in neurons
G protein pathways and proteins that regulate them in the retina and the brain Time-resolved fluorescence and luminescence
RGS proteins: GAPs for heterotrimeric G proteins Electron and x-ray crystallography
Biomembranes Gene engineering in mice and frogs
Ocular Proteomics TRP Channels
Cryo-electron tomography  
see larger version see larger version RGS9 and Evolutionary Trace TRPV1

Recent Publications from the Wensel Laboratory Affiliated Training Programs and Research Centers
Laboratory Personnel Research Facilities and Instrumentation
Positions Available
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Requests for Materials  

Laboratory Personnel

Monica Galaz Montoya (mail) Melina Agosto (mail)
Zheng Wang (mail) Jennifer Gonzalez-McGehee (mail)
Jared Gilliam (mail) Feng He(mail)
Ivette Sandoval (mail) Sara J. Wright (mail)
Hye Jin Kang (mail) Zhixian Zhang (mail)
Yun-Min Sung (mail)  
James Vranish, 2005, Notre Dame University (now TAMU) (mail) Fung Chan (mail)
Carlos Ballester, 2003, U. Puerto Rico(now BCM)(mail) PROGRAMMER
Lexi Tran, 2007, Wake Forest U. (mail) apply if interested: email to Ted Wensel
Antentor Hinton, Jr. (AJ; post-bac. 2010-11)(mail)  

Joe Angleson (Assoc. Prof. & Chair, University of Denver)
Chris Cowan (Assoc. Prof., Harvard Medical School)
Wei He (Principal Scientist, Hoffmann-La Roche)
Alecia Gross (Assoc. Prof. Univ. Alabama, Birmingham)
Guang Hu (NIEHS)
Justine Malinski at Invitrogen
Tom Melia (Asst. Prof. Yale U.)
Vera Moiseenkova-Bell (Asst. Prof. Case Western Reserve)
Brian Perkins (Assoc. Staff, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
Gustavo Javier Rodriguez (Dendreon Corp., Atlanta, GA)
Mat Sowa (Harper lab, Harvard)
Karen Vasquez (Professor, University of Texas, Austin)

Zhaohuai Yang/Joe Ouyang(UC San Diego)
Ching Yuan (Assoc.. Prof., University of Minnesota)
Xue Zhang (Genomics Inst., Novartis Rsch. Found.)
Qiong Wang (Fulbright & Jaworski)
James Mancuso (The Methodist Hospital Research Institute)

Positions Available

Postdoctoral  Fellows (training grant eligible)
Mass Spectrometrist
Research Technicians
Graduate Students
Scientific Programmer
apply by email

Requests for Materials

should be made by sending email to Ted Wensel . Please include FEDEX address and account #.

Affiliated Training Programs and Research Centers

Research Facilities and Instrumentation

Laser induced time-resolved  spectrofluorimeter
Two UV/Vis spectrophotometers
Olis upgrade to SLM 4800 spectrofluorimeter
Fluorescence Microscopes:
  Olympus IX-70 and Digital Imaging System &
   Fluoview confocal scanner/photobleaching system
  Zeiss LSM 510 (Vision Research Core)
  Delta Vision Deconvolution Microscope (Dept. of Biochemistry)
  Nikon C1 adapted for confocal/2 photon/patch clamp(with Peter Saggau) J. Biomed. Opt. 14:034048
  Leica SP2 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (Dept. of Biochemistry)
Langmuir/Blodgett monolayer/multilayer instrument
Liposome Extrusion Instruments
Two dark laboratories with infrared imaging
Electron microscopes (in NCMI & Dept. of Ophthalmology)
Proteome X System: LC/MS proteomics system with Voyager Capillary HPLC and Thermo
Finnigan Deca XP LCQ ESI MS
Microm HM 500 cryomicrotome
Fermentor: New Brunswick BF-10 20 L, sterilize-in-place
HPLC: 1 Shimadzu w/diode array & fluorsecence detectors and high-capacity autosampler, 1 Waters, 1 Beckman, 1 Voyager Capillary LC
Synergy HT absorbance/fluorescence/luminescence plate reader
  20 PC/Intel/Windows/Linux boxes
  2 SGI in lab; 2 MAC

Cool Pictures